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how to hide chats in gbwhatsapp?

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When you use GBWhatsApp, you can enjoy many features. One of them is hiding your chat history. Now users can hide chats in GBWhatsApp. This article focuses on how to hide chats in GBWhatsApp and how to unhide them. If you can’t find a chat you want to revisit, you can unarchive it by following the steps below. GBWhatsApp provides the option to save chat history. You can disable this feature by long-pressing on the chat and then selecting the three-dot icon. To unhide a specific chat, you will need to enter the security code again.

how to hide chats in gbwhatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is downloaded , you need to register your phone number in the app. Now users can hide chats in GBWhatsApp if they want. Basically, unlike the original WhatsApp app, you can archive any chat history if you want. Archived/hidden chats can be unarchived later.

To hide any chat in GBWhatsApp, you must continue,

  1. Open your GB WhatsApp app
  2. Open the chat window from which you want to archive the chat
  3. Go to the chat you want to hide
  4. long press to chat
  5. After selecting the chat, go to the three dots (options) in the upper right corner.
  6. Select the Hide option from the drop-down menu to hide the chat.
  7. You may have to provide a security code to hide/unhide chats in GBWhatsApp. This security code is different from the one you use to unlock your phone.

Note:If you can’t do this or don’t get the “Hide Chat” option, then you may need a GB WhatsApp update to get the updated functionality.

Unsave chat in GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp is an alternative to the official WhatsApp app. This option is available if you are interested in viewing hidden chats. To do this, launch the GB Whatsapp app on your phone and tap the WhatsApp icon in the upper left corner. This will open your saved conversation. To unhide a chat, you must click the chat menu at the top and select “Mark as Unread”. This will automatically unhide the selected chats and send them to your GBWhatsApp homepage.

To use this feature, you will need to log in with your existing phone number and you will also need to enter a one-time password. A password is required to unlock the premium features of GB WhatsApp. Once logged in, select the chats you want to hide. Then, click the more options icon and select “Hide”. A patterned screen will appear with a lock code displayed. Make sure you enter a different pattern than you used to lock your phone.

To unarchive a chat in GBWhatsapp, follow the same steps as when archiving. First, swipe left to bring up the main chat screen. Next, search for the contact name or group subject. Finally, tap the “Up Arrow” shaped icon. This will bring the chat back to your chat screen. After that, it will be restored to your chat history.

GbWhatsApp Cover Image
GbWhatsApp Cover Image

Disable “Keep chats archived” option in GBWhatsapp

To disable this option, go to the top right corner and select the three dots. From there, you’ll see a box labeled “Archived.” Disable this setting if you want to keep old chats in the app. Later, you can just swipe left in the chat to see it. You will still receive notifications for new chats and messages.

You can also turn on the “Keep chats archived” option if you wish to keep older chats private. To enable this feature, you need to open the settings menu and select Chat > Archive Chat. Once done, you’ll see a box with Archived Chats at the top of all chats. You can choose to keep or delete chats according to your needs.

Alternatively, you can turn this option off. To enable this option, launch GBWhatsApp and tap the “Archive” box. If you see a number next to the “Archived” text, click it to see your archived chats. When it’s done, you’ll see a number next to the “Archived” text. Disable this option if you do not want to show archived chats.

Unhide a specific chat in GBWhatsapp

If you want to delete a specific chat on GBWhatsApp, you should use GBWhatsApp’s hidden chat option. It does not require you to archive specific chats, you can unhide them at any time. GBWhatsapp has a screen lock by default, so you can hide specific chats without worrying about them repopulating your chat list. You can also mute specific chats using GBWhatsApp.

To hide or unhide a specific chat, you can touch the chat and press the three-dot icon. In the screen that appears, click the three dots icon. Select the option called Unhide chat. After that, click the “Show Conversation” button. Once the conversation is unhidden, the user must re-enter the security code to unlock the chat. After that, the chat will appear on the user’s home screen.


To sum up , GBWhatsApp has many additional features that make it more useful than the original WhatsApp. One of these features is the ability to hide specific chats without archiving them. To do this, you just need to log in with your Android device and enter a pattern or password to unlock the chat . This will allow you to hide or unhide specific chats and keep other conversations private.

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